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Info for our AWESome Visitors & Volunteers

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All parents and visitors are welcome, but must sign in at the office. We encourage visitors; however, for the safety of your child, we request ALL VISITORS USE THE FRONT ENTRANCE AND WEAR AN IDENTIFICATION BADGE WHILE YOU ARE IN THE BUILDING.


Visitors must enter through the front door and sign in at the front office to obtain a visitor's pass. No one is allowed in the building or classroom without appropriate authorization from the office. Visitors are persons other than the local school employees and students.

Parent visits to AWES: Parents are always welcome visitors! However, a scheduled meeting with teachers or the staff is very much preferred to a "drop in" visit. Scheduling a visit will cut down on time spent in waiting and will allow for preparation to make your visit more beneficial. All visitors must check in at the office and obtain a visitor's badge before visiting classrooms.

Instructional time is defined as 8:00-2:40. We are focused on teaching and learning and will protect the teacher's instructional time with students. No parent visits will be allowed during the instructional day. No classroom deliveries are permitted during instructional time.


We hope that each parent will be able to confer with the teachers on a regular basis during the school year. Please call the office if you would like to schedule a conference. A parent-teacher conference should be scheduled to prevent interruptions of instructional time and to avoid conflict with the teacher's planned schedule. Should you have unanswered questions or concerns, please contact the principal, assistant principal, or counselor.