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May 23, 2018

Our first year of Chess Club was a success!  We had 33 active participants (21 second and third graders, 12 fourth and fifth graders). Even as first year participants we had 12 students to participate in the

County Team Chess Tournament:

Arturo A.

Ashlyn L.

Braylon N.

JayLa H.

Ryan R.

Ethan B.

Anderson G.

S'Vante S.

LaiHa H.

Destin N.

Kaleb D.

William S.


Our Second and Third grade group were ranked within the club. 

Their year-end rankings are as follows:

1st...Kaleb D.

2nd...Anderson G.

3rd...Destin N.

4th...S'Vante S.

5th...Kevin M.

6th...Brooklynn J.

7th...Neveah S.

8th...William S.*

9th...Madison G./Amiyah J.

10th...Jordan B./LaiHa H.

*William made the greatest gain these last few months.


Keep practicing this summer.  I look forward to seeing if you will keep your spot when we return from summer break!


This year's MOST IMPROVED 2nd grader is

LaiHa H.


This year's MOST IMPROVED 3rd grader is

William S.


Keep up the good work!